At the SB Method, we focus on teaching what most trainers are afraid of; our client's fitness autonomy.


My goal is to teach you the core scientific training principles on how to achieve and maintain fitness prominence.

That means my success as your trainer is entirely dependent my ability to develop your knowledge and expertise to create a mental framework of intrinsic motivation.


Most trainers won't admit this, but all of the best strength training programs have a few bedrock principles in common. 


The integral difference between programs is specificity and individualization: creating a program that is specific to the individuals goals and capabilities to promote fitness progression. 


There are few things that get people as fired up on social media as nutrition.

Like politics and religion, nutrition is has factions of people trying to present the "perfect diet" by using familiar words such as “plant based”, “intermittent fasting”, or “keto”.

I am not here to debunk any of the above, but the limitations of these "diets" reveal themselves overtime. 

NUMBER #1 RULE: There is no one-size-fits-all approach that universally applies to everyone, so making sweeping generalizations about what type of diet someone should follow if they want performance or weight loss is at best lazy and at worst reckless.

Let's restructure our relationship with nutrition, whether it's paleo, vegan, or ketogenic, we will work together to fuel your body with the correct nutrition to fit your needs, goals and body type.


There has been a slow sea change in how we view recovery. Rather than seeing it as the dessert at the end of the workout, recovery is an integral part of training with short-term and long-term benefits, like helping to alleviate soreness and activating the parasympathetic nervous system, making us less stressed out.


In return, proper recovery (rest paired with nutrition), aids in having more efficient output in the your workouts; AKA work smarter not harder.


In our program, you will be educated on how to recover properly to achieve the best results possible in the shortest time frame.


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